Film Posts 13: Spooks:

Film Posts 13: Spooks: The Greater Good (May 16th)

I came to Spooks late, only picking up the final two seasons on BBC, but that didn’t seem to matter much in watching the movie. It helped to know who Harry Pearce is, and something of his character and motivations, but it wasn’t crucial.

And it’s a decent spy movie: everyone’s motives are hidden, double-crosses are everywhere, and you can’t trust anyone. But it still felt like a couple of episodes from TV bolted together and put on the screen. For me, it fell between stools: it’s not got the verve or style that Bourne and the Bond reboot has given us, but neither does it have the grit and grime of the old Cold War spy thrillers that I grew up with, or that the Tinker, Tailor movie showed a couple of years back.

It passed an enjoyable couple of hours, it’ll play well on TVs when it turns up on DVD, and Kit Harington is a dynamic lead (future Bond maybe, given a decent haircut?), but overall a bit “meh”.

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