Film Posts 17: Minions, 28th June 2015

I wanted to see Minions since the trailer, And it’s funny. But not as funny as I’d have liked. I know I’m not the target audience, but there are plenty of “children’s films” that I really enjoy, as with Shawn The Sheep earlier this year. And I love slapstick done well – I went to see a Laurel & Hardy double bill in the cinema a few weeks back (not on the Cineworld card, so didn’t get written up – there was a purpose to all this) and they’re still really funny eighty years on. If you like that kind of thing. Which I do.

Minions had some very good moments – the Minions singing the Universal credits (don’t we all do that in our head? No? Just me?), Dracula’s birthday. And I can’t walk down the greengrocery aisle in the supermarket without hearing “BANANA!!!” But for me it didn’t quite add up to the riotous romp I’d been hoping for.

Plenty of smiles, not enough laughs.

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