Film Posts 18: Terminator: Genisys, 5th July 2015

Looking at the date, I see I’m getting later with these posts, and that may be because recently I’ve not been coming out of films thinking “wow, that was great, I can’t wait to write about it.”

Terminator:Genisys is a load of old tosh. The original Terminator was an 18-rated violent thriller with interesting time-travel ideas, hard action, and an iconic villain. From film to film it’s been watered down, and now Arnie is cuddly old T-800 (with the script managing to find a reason for his aged appearance), with comic moments. When did the Terminator series turn into a comedy? The plots have made progressively less sense, and this one doesn’t even have the spectacle of previous versions.

The opening is a revisit of the original movie, now with a twist due to the latest time-travel plot, but like Jurassic World a few weeks ago, that just points up what a thrill the original film was in its day, and how far the franchise has fallen in the interim. Perhaps, if film-makers are going to insist on tapping the mine of nostalgia by revisiting past glories, they should stop serving up reminders of what we’re missing.

And the plot drops in a distortion in the time-travel activity which throws in a parallel universe element, kind of like the Star Trek reboot a few years ago, which means there’s the potential for a completely new series of films that don’t have to fit with the original series. After this, maybe the film-makers will decide that that’s a parallel universe that will just blink out of existence.


The plot hinges on trying to stop Cyberdine Corporation launching Genisys, some kind of new integration tool that will link all computers together, and which will later become the basis for Skynet. So this is a world-leading software organisation about to launch a super-sophisticated Artificial Intelligence tool, but a few hours before launch its headquarters is staffed only by 2 inept security guards, and the building is so flimsy it can be completely vaporised by three small bombs. But that’s not the worst thing: Cyberdine have written the most sophisticated piece of software the world’s ever seen, and which in a few years will achieve consciousness and seek to destroy humanity, but they don’t have a Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Procedure, and apparently they don’t even have off-site backup! .    Am I over-thinking this?

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