Me: Blaugust Day 4

I’ve basically no idea what blogging is about, what it’s for, or how it may work, so alongside the Blaugust challenge I’m also having a go at WordPress’s “Blogging 101” guidelines, which (it says) will teach me blogging through a series of daily tasks. Whether it’s actually practical to do both at once we’ll see. But their Task Number 1 is to write about myself: who am I and why am I here?

Ignoring the existential aspect, this immediately gives me a problem. I’m reluctant to share much about myself with strangers (no offence). I know some of the people who will read this are my friends (though more of my friends will be thinking “not another post from Howard clogging up my Facebook timeline”), but I realise that what I’m writing becomes, essentially, public. And that this stage in our relationship, that’s a problem for me.

Maybe over the course of the month and beyond, that will change. But in the meantime here are a few facts that I suspect are already identifiable to anyone going back over my previous posts:

  • I live in the UK.
  • I’m male, married and my wife owns a shop that sells fabric, amongst other things (if anyone wants to join the mailing list, let me know – the new website will be up before long and I’ll be posting the link when it’s ready).
  • I enjoy a pub quiz, but don’t consider myself a competitive person outside that arena, though others dispute that.
  • I have a Cineworld Unlimited card and I’ve used it to see 20 films since February (i’ve written 19 posts, with one still pending – anyone remember what it is? You’re going to be so disappointed when I finally release it after trailing it all week. Or maybe not – your expectations may not be that high).
  • I’m big on self-deprecation.
  • I like Shakespeare, and “event cinema” (theatre broadcast live), and frequently enjoy both together.
  • I’ve been to Liberty in London and taken a photo of the display of Fornisetti plates

Why am I here? Curiosity, mostly. Will I write better as the month goes on? Thinking about yesterday’s post, it was the kind of throwaway anecdote you share will work colleagues while you’re waiting for your PC to boot up in the morning. But it met the 10 sentence rule.

Will I run out of things to say?

Will I suddenly open up and share my innermost thoughts and feelings? I can tell you now, that’s not going to happen.

Will it even be fun? I hope so, and I’m still here with four days gone, twenty-seven to go, and Blogging 101 Lesson 1 in the books.

See you tomorrow (and tomorrow and tomorrow…..)

PS: This post was written and posted on Tuesday, but I did it as a Page rather than a Post (who knew?), which just shows how much I have to learn.

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