To My “Audience”: Blaugust Day 6

Alongside the Blaugust thing, I’m following WordPress’s “Blogging 101” guidelines, and today’s task is:

   publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Which clearly introduces a whole pile of challenges right up front. Who is my ideal audience member? What would I write to them? What additional element(s) should I include? And why have I left it this late in the evening to start?

I’ve always felt I was going to write posts for my own benefit. It would an interesting exercise, and a challenge to see if I can maintain the discipline through the month of August and then keep it up beyond. I’m not writing with an audience in mind, but it is still nice to see that the posts have been read and even, occasionally, “liked”.

So the ideal audience member is someone who’s patient enough to read a shortish, slightly rambling brain-dump of self-referential thoughts, and is prepared to click a button to show that he or she though it had some value, or at least that it was worth his or her time getting to the end.

If that’s you, thank you: I’m glad we’ve connected.

If you follow me, you’ll find very few revelations about life, the universe or everything, though you will find some deliberate mis-quotes scattered here and there. You may find me trying to organise thoughts, and sometimes using the post to try to wrestle an idea that’s stuck in my head, like the one a couple of weeks ago about the portrayal of Antonio in the RSC’s current production of The Merchant of Venice.

(And there’s two new-to-you (me) elements in one go)

If you’re willing to go with that, you’re my audience, and I’m writing to you. Welcome to my blog.

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2 Responses to To My “Audience”: Blaugust Day 6

  1. katerimorton says:

    Hooray, you’ve turned on comments! I’m so happy to see you doing this, and I’m enjoying reading your dailies.

    Liked by 1 person

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