Fornasetti: Blaugust Day 7

If you’ve visited the site before, you’ll see that I’ve changed the layout. Today’s Blogging101 task was to explore changing the site’s theme, which I did but then found I couldn’t get back to the original one (maybe that’s in tomorrow’s lesson).

But thinking about what to write today, I decided to do a short note on the image that I’ve been using on the site and on my posts: a Fornasetti plate.

Fornasetti4 Fornasetti3

I came across these plates on display in Liberty of London, and stood fascinated by them for some time. They were variations on the same face, in a wide range of styles, expressions and effects, and a full wall of them is quite a striking sight.

They are from the collection Tema e Variazioni by Italian artist Pietro Fornasetti. Starting in 1952 Fornasetti drew over 500 variations of the face of 19th century opera singer Lina Cavalieri, from a picture found in a magazine.

Fornasetti1 Fornasetti2

I have no background in art or design, but I find both the idea and execution fascinating. How the man could take one image and create so much from it, much of it witty as well as inventive, is beyond my understanding.


Fornasetti died in 1988, but his son continues to design. Take a trip to the beautifully designed Fornasetti website– let the picture of the ruler settle on the home page then start moving your mouse around.

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