Short post to keep things going: Blaugust Day 9

Only a short post tonight because it’s late. Just back from the pub quiz (see previous post: – look, I’ve learned how to do links to my own posts!) and we won again. Interesting how things pop into your mind that you didn’t know you knew (Name of island where King Kong was found: Skull Island, one point) and yet forget things you know perfectly well (Colour of the middle stripe of the Belgian flag: No, not black, correct answer is yellow).

Team effort – everyone got at least one answer that no-one else in the team knew, and that’s the way it should work.

But some of us are worrying that people will start disliking us. So far we’ve got to the pub early enough to sit in a different place each week, and it’s not like we have to walk to the front to get our prize, so I’m not sure people have noticed that we’ve won two in a row, three of the last five. We do need to get better at thinking up team names for each week – people will notice that there’s a recurring theme.

We don’t want to look like we’re just turning up to win and get the prize (it’s only £15), but equally we can’t explain to everyone that it’s that we just like taking part in quizzes and happen to be quite good between us (at least, in relation to that pub).

Eh, stop worrying about it. May not win next week.

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