Coming soon…..: Blaugust Day 10

I had an idea for what to write this evening, but my son suggested watching A Bridge Too Far, and that was the evening gone.

It’s too late now to start writing what I was going to write, but rather than just sit down each day and write the first thing that comes in to my head, here are a few things that I may (no promises) write about at some point during the Blaugust marathon:

  • Changing lineups in bands (that was going to be tonight’s)
  • “Event” cinema (a favourite topic) and comparison between live and broadcast performance (if I manage to get along to the cinema screening of Othello on 26th August)
  • Fantasy sports
  • More film posts, depending on what I get to
  • More on boardgames
  • A piece on Hiyao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises that’s been brewing in my mind for a while, but I need to watch it again first
  • Possibly a piece on why Heaven’s Gate isn’t the stinker its reputation suggests (in my opinion)
  • My wife’s shop (once we get the website running)
  • Reflections on blogging (obviously: if I’m committing to a 31-day regime like Blaugust, I’m going to do some kind of “lessons learned” exercise on it)
  • The UK Electricity Market, with a particular emphasis on Smart Metering (if I get really desperate for something to write about, and so long as I don’t expect any views or likes that day)
  • Stuff I like – music, films, books. games – which I guess is part of what blogging is about, sharing stuff about yourself on the chance that someone out there will connect.

I haven’t had time to tackle today’s Blogging 101 exercise, which is about About – building your About page to introduce yourself to people passing through. Maybe I’ll just post this list on there – it says a lot about me.

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