How I Got Into….. a new regular feature! (and Blaugust Day 13 part 2)

From time to time my mind drifts over certain artists that I like – musicians, writers, film-makers, actors – and wanders back over where that started. What was the first lead into something new, the trigger that grabbed my attention? Maybe it’s an introduction from a friend, maybe a review in a newspaper (see, I’m old school – now more likely to be a recommendation from Amazon). But sometimes it’s more interesting than that, the result of a random set of events or even a single incident that could have ended differently but somehow, serendipitously, led to a new passion.

And it’s not just about a single song or book, but how that started a wider interest – what was the first hook that caught the one track or one book or one film that became the stepping stone to a broader exploration.

I’m going to try something on this blog – a weekly feature on How I Got Into…. with a different subject each week. It may be of interest only to me, so that if/when in later years I start losing my memory I’ll at least have this record of why certain things became special to me, and the story behind it. Or it may spark a thought in one of my readers – I’d love to hear your origin stories of how and why something became special to you, the quirkier and more accidental the better.

I’ll try to put the first in the series up tomorrow (even if that means postponing the Blogging101 task), then follow it up each Friday, which will be a challenge to see if I can maintain that discipline. I’ve got a few subjects in mind, so I’ll be interested to see where it goes.

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2 Responses to How I Got Into….. a new regular feature! (and Blaugust Day 13 part 2)

  1. calensariel says:

    I think it sounds very interesting. I do a couple regular things just for me on IP. Poetry on Friday, and music on Saturday. I don’t care if anyone likes them or not, I do! 😀 So knock yourself out and have a great time!

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  2. katerimorton says:

    I grew up very rural and very sheltered and almost entirely devoid of pop cultural awareness (apart from books, which I managed to ferret out all on my own). So most of the music and films that are important to me came to me through specific people. I love the idea of keeping a record of those influences.


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