Busy, busy, busy: Blaugust Day 17

I think I may be reduced to a number of short posts this week. I’m out several evenings (I don’t have a hectic social life, it just seems that way sometimes), including heading out shortly to see  Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, which should be the subject of  a post later this week, so time is going to be tight.

I jotted down a list of possible subjects for posts last week (typed, not handwritten, of course – I wanted to be able to read it in a week’s time), anticipating that posting every day could be difficult so I should have some things prepared. But now when I look at the list they are all either unappealing tonight – things I’d have to be in the right mood to write – or subjects that are going to need time and space to expand, and will probably need quite a bit of editing and re-writing. So….

I was very grateful to get a couple of comments yesterday on recent posts, and I’m coming to appreciate how important that is. Although I said at the outset that I was doing this for my own benefit, just to see how it went and to have somewhere to put thoughts and try writing, it’s still nice to know that someone has read it, liked it, and has then taken the time to comment on it. And then someone else picks up on that comment, and a small discussion gets going, and two people are now communicating through my post.,…and that’s a nice feeling to have (so long as they’re communicating nicely – I don’t want to start any fights).

A man reciting "To Be or Not To Be" in Klingon.

A completely irrelevant picture of a man (not me) reciting “To Be or Not To Be” in Klingon.

I’ve read a couple of posts recently from people I’m linked to that I need to revisit and comment on. A lot of what I read on other people’s blogs is thoughtful and thought-provoking, and deserves more of a considered response than I’ve had time to give. I will get back to them.

That’s five paragraphs, four of them starting with “I”, 400 words. Another of what I’d call “Seinfeld posts” – A Post About Nothing. But I’m finding the process of finding out about blogging interesting in itself, and the blog provides somewhere to reflect that interest. Kind of self-referential, huh? Maybe I should change the name: The Blog That Ate Itself.

I also just checked today’s Blogging101 task, which was to respond to a prompt. That will have to wait, because I’m off to see Tom Cruise hanging from an aeroplane.

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