Outside: Blaugust Day 18

Catching up on a couple of Blogging101 tasks today. Yesterday’s task was to respond to a prompt. Flicking through the offerings I settled on “Lookin’ out my back door” as something that shouldn’t be too taxing. I’m not inspired by it, but none of the others I passed on inspired me either.

The Blogging101 lesson suggests this as a response to writers’ block, which I guess it can be if you’re a hardened, committed blogger who needs to post every day. I don’t think that will be me. I’ve got things I want to write, but getting the time isn’t easy whilst juggling a load of other stuff, and I don’t just want to throw things out there for the sake of it. I think the “Intermittent” bit of my blog’s name will become significant once Blaugust is done.

But in the meantime, let’s see where “Lookin’ out my back door” takes me. This is going to be rather random, maybe some thoughts will develop, or maybe it’ll turn into nothing. Could be interesting….could not….

Immediate thought (and I apologise to some of my readers): that title should be “Looking out of my back door”. There are some Americanisations of the English language that I can embrace, but that isn’t one of them. “Looking out” followed immediately by a noun (even with an adjective in front as here) means the same as “looking for” or “searching for” – as in “I’ll look out those old photos for next time you come to visit” (that’s another one: it’s “come to visit”, not “come visit”). My back door isn’t lost, it doesn’t need looking for, so why am I “looking it out”? What does American English have against prepositions? Did King George impose a Preposition Tax somewhere in the run up to the Revolution?

The view out of my back door, right now

The view out of my back door, right now. Yes, really: I just took the picture

Pedantry (and pomposity? me? Surely not) aside, looking out of my back door right now won’t be much of an inspiration. It’s dark. We live on the edge of a village, with fields at the back of the house, so when it’s dark, it’s really dark. I know there is a garden, a fence, bushes and stuff – they were there before it went dark, and I have to imagine they’ll still be there when it gets light, because that’s how it usually works. Maybe in the morning I’ll be surprised – once or twice, following high winds overnight, the fence was in a different place next morning – but it’s not likely.

And when it is light, the view will be delightful. This year, the farmer hasn’t planted 8 foot high corn as he usually does, so the view is uninterrupted, with occasional cows. We can’t see very far – three or four fields of rising ground is all – but it’s green and pleasant, with grass, trees and hedgerows, like the English countryside should be.

We’re very pleased to be living here. There’s been some stress in recent years at attempts to gain planning permission to build housing in the field behind us, but the threat seems to have receded, at least for now. I’m very NIMBY on this one (is that a term that travels overseas?) – there is a need for affordable housing in rural communities like ours, but I’d like to keep my view. Does that make me a bad person?

And the other thing I’ll see when it comes daylight is work. I started cutting down a rampant willow tree last weekend, but I don’t have anywhere to get rid of the branches I’ve hacked off so far (currently piled on the lawn) and I don’t have the tools to finish the job properly – it’s going to need a chainsaw, I think. And several bushes have got very out of hand and need cutting back hard. We’re reluctant gardeners at best.

And now it’s time to go to bed. I’ve completed yesterday’s Blogging101 assignment, so only one day behind at the moment, and met my Blaugust target for the day (still alive at over half way: Survivors!)

Adding a link – Lookin’ out my back door prompt – should get me listed on The Daily Post’s page where the prompt came from!

So, did the prompt thing work for me? Three or four random thoughts, but nothing that was really worth saying. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on track.


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2 Responses to Outside: Blaugust Day 18

  1. calensariel says:

    Good job considering all these prompts are sort of stale and recycled. Actually I enjoyed the first part of your blog with you just being spontaneous more. I like you humor. 🙂


  2. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. That post felt like a throwaway.


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