Film Posts 21: Mission:Impossible – Rogue Nation (and Blaugust Day 20)

film borderTyping the title for this post was tough. I watched very hard when we saw M:I-RN to make sure the punctuation would be in the right place, but it still looks odd since I already committed to the use of the colon when I did the first “Film Post: ” six months ago.

Setting that aside, what about the movie? It’s a Mission:Impossible film, and five films into the franchise you know what you’re going to get. Theme Tune! Action! Exotic Locations! Witty Banter! Gadgets! Preposterous Plot! More Action! Tom Cruise!  And that’s what it delivers.

It’s not the best in the series, and I felt a couple of the action sequences ended in a bit of an

Tom Cruise. On a bike. Mission:Impossible - Rogue Nation

Tom Cruise. On a bike. Mission:Impossible – Rogue Nation

anti-climax, but that may just be that the bar has been set so high now in the age of earlier M:I, Bourne, New Bond and the rest. Though the motorbike chase is one of the most spectacularly filmed sequences I’ve seen this year.

It’s fun, stylish and entertaining, which is what you want from a summer action blockbuster.

Tom Cruise, apparently, still does most of his own stunts, including hanging off the side of a plane in the opening sequence and driving at high speed through the streets of Casablanca. I hear some people complaining about why he does all this action stuff still at his age (it’s hard to believe that he’s the same age as I am – where did I go wrong, and why don’t I look like him with my shirt off?) and why doesn’t he do more “serious” acting.

It’s probably simply because he can still do it at his age. He’s done the serious stuff and proved he can act – Rain Man was a revelation all those years ago, then Born On The Fourth Of July, Magnolia, Eyes Wide Shut, and many others – and now he’s doing the action stuff while he’s still able.

I’m not a particular “fan” of Tom Cruise, I don’t rush to see everything he does. But the films he makes are usually worth seeing. I expect there will come a time when he can’t do the action stuff any more and he’ll stop, and get back to doing non-action dramatic roles for a final 20-year Act of his career. And good luck to him. That should be worth seeing too.

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