The end of one road, the start of a new one: Blaugust Day 31, the final day

When I decided to get involved with Blaugust 2015 (thanks to belghast for being the driving force behind it – so good to have been part of this), I didn’t know what to expect. But what I hoped was that this would kick-start me on blogging by forcing me to post something every day.


And I’m glad I did. Some of the stuff I’ve posted hasn’t been good, just kind of pushed out because there was a daily target and I had to hit it, but some of it I’m quite pleased with. Thanks to constructive feedback, I’ve also learned to try to make the page look a bit more attractive, with pictures rather than just words (I’ve thrown a couple of holiday photos in here today, just for the sake of it),

Cherry Pie and a damn fine cup of coffee at Tweedy's in North Bend, WA

Cherry Pie and a damn fine cup of coffee at Tweedy’s in North Bend, WA

Looking back over the month, I can see it’s been a bit scattergun, but that’s because I came into August with a head full of things to talk about. I think I’m learning more about what my blogging voice sounds like, and something about who my audience is and what may be interesting to them rather than just what’s interesting for me to say.

I’ll continue my weekly “How I Got Into…” feature, the ongoing Film Posts, and write more on the thread I opened yesterday, “Coincidence and Consequence”. I may even start a separate blog just to write about fantasy sports, because that feels like potentially a different audience. Whatever, I will be continuing to post in the coming weeks and month, just not every day.

Something I have failed miserably to achieve is investing time in reading other people’s blogs. My posts have taken longer to write, review and revise than I had expected, and several have been done very late at night, when I really should have been in bed already, so now that the daily target is out of the way I’m hoping that will free up the time I need to read others.

The spectacular entrance hall of Reykjavik's Harpa Concert Hall

The spectacular entrance hall of Reykjavik’s Harpa Concert Hall

It’s as if Blaugust has required me to be talking all the time when really I want to be listening. I’ve come to appreciate the “likes” and comments that turn up on my notifications page or in my inbox, and I can only assume that other people appreciate getting them too. To make a contribution to that, I need to take that time to read as well as write. I have seen some tremendously interesting and thought-provoking posts, and I’ll go back to those and take the time to comment.

Because I’ve already learned to value the interaction with other bloggers. I feel as though I’ve managed to connect with one or two other people who could be long-term “blogging friends”: in recent years I’ve come to value having a few very good friends over having a lot of acquaintances, and I hope that I can extend that to this new world.

Newport, Pembrokeshire

Newport, Pembrokeshire

Thank you for reading, for commenting and for supporting. It’s been fun.

Hope to see you back here next month.

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2 Responses to The end of one road, the start of a new one: Blaugust Day 31, the final day

  1. calensariel says:

    I think one of the main reasons to blog is to learn how better to write. I’ve been so amazed by the many wonderfully talented writers I’ve met on here. But even more so by the terrific people. Word Press really is a groovy neighborhood! Glad you’re going to stick around.

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  2. Thank you for your support and encouragement. So nice to have you as one of my new blogging friends.

    Liked by 1 person

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