Hello again

Sorry for the extreme intermittency (is that a word?) of the posts recently. Though actually one post every week on a Friday is anything but intermittent – “sparseness”, maybe, rather than “intermittency”. We’ve been on a family holiday and it took me all my time just to get the “How I Got Into….” posts published.

But I’m back now so hopefully there’ll be more time to create more posts in the coming weeks (less sparse, more intermittent). I’ve started drafting a couple on the “Coincidences and Consequences” thread, and the holiday has generated a few new ideas, so they’ll be turning up over the coming weeks.

Thanks for bearing with me. It’s nice knowing there are people out there who read what I write.

By the way, I’m also doing occasional fantasy sports posts on my other blog over at 10teamroto if you’d like to check that out.

Now, for no reason other than this being a handy picture to upload, here’s a photo I took of some fresh cream meringue cakes in a Paris shop window.


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One Response to Hello again

  1. calensariel says:

    Well thanks for that! Now my body is screaming for carbs! o_O Looking forward to your “Coincidences and Consequences” posts!


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