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How I Got Into….Van Morrison

How I Got Into….Van Morrison.
It took a while, but I got there in the end…..”Too late to stop now.” Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

To my friends (actual), Friends (Facebook), Followers and Fellow-Bloggers in the USA – Happy Thanksgiving to you all. From here, it sounds like a festival of turkey dinner and Football – what’s not to love? Enjoy the holiday.

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Two grumbles about modern life

Grumpy Old Man grumbles about modern life….. Continue reading

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Film Posts 30: The Lady In The Van, 15th November 2015

Alan Bennett is a British Institution and a National Treasure. So is Maggie Smith. The Lady In The Van reunites Bennett the writer and Smith the actor in a glorious film adaptation of Bennett’s memoir and stage play about Miss Shepherd, who … Continue reading

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How I Got Into….Jasper Fforde

This was entirely down to an eye-catching cover and a display in a bookshop. Waiting for the Eurostar train to France a few years ago, I nipped into the branch of Foyle’s at St Pancras International Station. As I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Film Posts 29 – Spectre, 31st October, 2015

The much anticipated new James Bond movie, Spectre, had a hard act to follow after Skyfall, which set the bar so high the next in the franchise would almost inevitably fall short. Spectre is good, and compared with some of the later Roger Moore … Continue reading

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How I Got Into….Of Monsters And Men

You never know where good tips are going to come from. For several years, I was a daily devotee of the Baseball Today podcast from ESPN, which once a week featured baseball writer Keith Law. I liked his sardonic nature, and his pithy … Continue reading

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