Film Posts 36 – Creed

I’ve been away from the blog for so long, it’s going to take a little while to catch up on the Film Posts. And I’ve now passed the 12 month mark for my Cineworld card, which is why I started doing the film posts and why I restricted the posts just to films seen at Cineworld. But now the year’s up, and I’m removing the restriction – I’ll now aim to post on all films I see. Let’s make a start on the backlog.

it’s weeks since I saw Creed. But I really enjoyed it, much more than I thought I would.

creed poster

The last attempt to resuscitate the Rocky franchise, Rocky Balboa, really wasn’t good, so I didn’t go in to Creed  with high expectations. But the story was solidly familiar, the script was frequently witty and knowing (lots of nods back to the earlier films without overplaying the “I’m too old for this….” shtick), and both Michael B Jordan (playing the ambitious son of the late Apollo Creed) and Sylvester Stallone were excellent.

I’m not a boxing fan, but the fight sequences here were spectacular, particularly the two-round fight between Adonis Creed and Leo Sporino filmed (apparently) in a single take with the camera moving in the ring with both fighters, a remarkable achievement. There’s an interesting breakdown of that scene by the film’s director, Ryan Coogler, here.

And a word on the music. The film keeps hinting at the main Rocky theme that we’re all expecting, then pulls back from it, like a fighter feinting the big punch, until it’s exactly the right time to let it rip and bring a smile to the face and a lump to the throat of everyone watching.

My son (21) reckons it’s one of the best films he’s seen, and that’s no small praise.



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