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The end of one road, the start of a new one: Blaugust Day 31, the final day

A look back at the month of Blaugust as it draws to a close. Continue reading

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Coincidence and Consequence: Blaugust Day 30

I’m hesitating launching into this as a topic, because I haven’t got my head entirely straight around what I want to say. But it’s a topic that I’ll be coming back to repeatedly over the coming weeks, and I’m hoping … Continue reading

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Theatre or Cinema? Blaugust Day 29

Comparing the experiences of seeing Othello live and on film. Continue reading

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How I Got Into….Takeshi Kitano (Blaugust Day 28)

This week’s “How I Got Into….” on a favourite director, Takeshi Kitano Continue reading

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Film Posts 23: RSC Live – Othello, Wednesday 26th August (and Blaugust Day 27)

This is going to be the film post, having seen the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Othello broadcast live into cinemas from Stratford-Upon-Avon last night. This weekend I’ll aim to do a post comparing the experiences of seeing the same production … Continue reading

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10 sentences on Fantasy Baseball for Blaugust Day 26

I just in from Othello, but I’m not starting writing a post about that at this time (it’s after midnight – Shakespeare didn’t write short plays). The Blaugust target was a minimum of 10 sentences every day, and this makes … Continue reading

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Commuting: Blaugust Day 25

I was out to dinner with a friend tonight, and had a lovely evening, but then had enough time sitting in traffic on the way home (the motorway was closed for roadworks) to decide that I was going to write … Continue reading

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